Tesco’s Ramadan outdoor ad changes with the sunset

Tesco’s Ramadan outdoor ad changes with the sunset

Tesco is marking Ramadan this month with a digital out-of-home campaign aimed at fasting Muslims.

The campaign launched on 2 April to coincide with the start of Ramadan and during this time Muslims fast during the day and only eat or drink when the sun goes down.

The campaign aims to reach the UK fasting Muslim population and will run on billboards in areas with high Muslim populations like Brent (London), Birmingham and Bradford.

The billboards face eastwards so the sun sets behind them and the creative will change from empty plates, to full ones to represent Iftar, the evening meal that ends the daily fast (see main image and time lapse video below).

The images with the full plates will be shown for three hours without interruption after the sun sets.

The outdoor activations will be complimented by social media posts sharing recipes and in-store executions around aisles selling relevant products to enjoy Iftar throughout Ramadan.

Creative was by Tesco’s ad agency BBH and developed with media agency MediaCom, specialist out-of-home agency Kinetic and strategic equity, diversity and inclusion consultancy the Unmistakables.

Asad Dhunna, founder and chief executive officer of The Unmistakables, said: “There’s a meme doing the rounds that brands are becoming better prepared for Ramadan than Muslims themselves, which is an indication of increasing cultural confidence amongst marketers and their agencies to represent a community that has so often been overlooked in the boardroom and on billboards. Long may it continue, inshallah”.

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