Taboola makes generative AI available to all advertisers in English

Taboola makes generative AI available to all advertisers in English

Digital advertising network Taboola is making available its generative AI offering for all its advertisers running campaigns in English.

Other markets and languages will also receive access in a future, unspecified date.

Taboola says the technology has allowed advertisers to increase efficiency and effectiveness of their campaigns. Brands can use its generative AI offering to produce content and copy for ad creative, including titles, images, and headlines.

Taboola has been beta testing its generative AI capabilities with brands since February.

Michael Cadenas, growth marketing manager at e-learning platform Babbel, said the copy generated by the AI “performs extremely well for us because it can cater itself to the many audiences we want to reach globally.”

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More than 80% of brands using the tech ran multiple campaigns, and Taboola claims “select brands” have more than doubled the click-through rate for their campaigns when measured against non-AI-generated “evergreen” campaigns.

“The industry and our partners are making it clear: generative AI is an important next step for every advertiser,” said Taboola CEO Adam Singolda. “We’re continuing to see innovators adopt Taboola’s investments into AI because we’re in a unique position to integrate generative AI; we have the scale of knowledge on which we can train things.”

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