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Start measuring the person and not the media

Start measuring the person and not the media
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The biggest change that needs to happen to media measurement is to go back measuring the person, rather than the media, or brands risk missing out on key audiences.

Henry Daglish, co-founder of Bicycle, stressed the lack of “human intelligence” and logic between the measurement, data, the brand and the consumer in advertising campaigns is leading to short-term thinking and risk-averse media planning.

On the technology side, Ronny Golan, co-founder of ViewersLogic highlighted the reliance on claimed last-click data over single-source observed data, and media measurement operating in silos, as challenges facing advertisers looking at how and what to measure in campaigns.

They both gave an example of these issues in action with an erectile dysfunction brand campaign. Using single-source observed data found that the main target audience of the campaign should be women on average 10 years younger than the anticipated male audience.

Henry Daglish, co-founder and CEO of media agency Bicycle, and Ronny Golan, co-founder and CEO of ViewersLogic, speak to The Media Leader reporter Ella Sagar.

Ian Dowds, CEO, UKOM, on 22 Nov 2022
“There's some very interesting points made here, particularly by Henry, around the need for multiple data sources (he makes the great point that there's no single silver bullet for all challenges) and to focus on insights and people. However, as is often the case, I think the discussion here would benefit from much clearer and more specific framing. The question asked at the start (and referred to again at the end) is about challenges of media and data - that's a BIG field to cover. Ronny's answers are about last click, ad campaign attribution, effectiveness and efficiency. He talks about websites and brands as if they are interchangeable. People's behaviour (online and elsewhere), audience measurement, media measurement, ad-campaign measurement, ad campaign attribution and ad effectiveness are all distinct topics worthy of debate. It helps if discussions are correctly framed at the start and throughout (eg there is reference here in discussion around campaign measurement to BARB measuring Netflix and Disney+ - but BARB are NOT measuring advertising for those suppliers).”

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