Sky Media aims dynamic optimisation tool at performance advertisers

Sky Media aims dynamic optimisation tool at performance advertisers

Sky Media has launched a programmatic creative optimisation tool aimed at performance and response-focussed TV advertisers.

The capability examines genre, channels, time-of-day, day of week and dynamically matches the most suitable ad creative to the most responsive audience while a campaign is live, using Sky’s ability to link TV ad viewing and web activity, as well as leveraging its partnership with Adalyser.

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The tool can then automatically update the spot schedule and adapt ad selection based on message, product or call-to-action “as close to transmission as possible”.

Through its testing, Sky Media said it has seen brand campaign response rates increase by 18%.

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Making sure every pound and ad placement count is essential in today’s climate, Sky Media’s head of performance Cath Crow, said of the Sky ad sales business’ new advertising product.

“So, putting the best ad in front of the most responsive audience makes a massive difference,” she explained. “Being able to earn as the campaign runs and generate the best results in broadcast TV is a great step forward for advertisers.”

That view is echoed by Tom White, global head of performance at media agency mSix&Partners.

White told The Media Leader there has been “more of a focus” from all brands on gaining a “stronger understanding” of the impact of media spend across the entire funnel in terms of incremental business outcomes.

“It’s great to see that Sky is bringing solutions that push TV measurement and optimisation closer to conversion. It aligns TV a little more with the AI-driven solutions from Google, Meta and the like that aim to drive more efficiency in media activation,” White added.

However, he stressed, performance shouldn’t be seen as a particular ‘media’, but a mindset across all media. That creates a challenge for TV advertisers, who still talk in terms of a divide between ads which are used to build brands versus those designed to generate direct responses.

White warned: “In these testing market conditions, there’s a growing need to understand the short-, medium- and long-term impact of advertising whatever the time, place and manner of the ad placement. We’ll be interested to see how this latest solution from Sky helps the industry get closer to achieving that goal.”

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