Scope3: IPG won’t be our last global holdco partner

Scope3: IPG won’t be our last global holdco partner
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Anne Coghlan, Scope3 cofounder and COO, speaks to The Media Leader reporter Ella Sagar about what’s next for decarbonising the media industry to reach Ad Net Zero goals and what the biggest misconceptions about sustainability in advertising are.

Coghlan outlined three major misconceptions around carbon emissions and measurement in media; digital has a much lower carbon footprint than print; carbon measurement is “complicated”; and systemic action on carbon targets is “always slow”.

She also hinted at future global partnerships: “We know that agencies are agents of change, they are the changemakers and help their customers to ultimately make those adjustments that can be small, or hopefully in this case very large, to plans. They advise how media is spent and so I think IPG Mediabrands were definitely the first, but they will not be the last, major holdco that we announce that we’re working with.”

Coghlan also revealed that Scope3 is trialling “greenworking” internally whereby they talk about where they are making progress towards decarbonising, rather than simply announcing net zero or reduction achievements or awards. She suggested this would encourage more companies to try to go greener, and that consumers would acknowledge positive steps in the right direction.

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