Samsung livestreams 3D interactive gaming competition on Piccadilly Lights

Samsung livestreams 3D interactive gaming competition on Piccadilly Lights

Samsung Gaming Hub has taken over the Piccadilly Lights with an interactive 3D gaming livestream.

Two gaming influencers @ApparentlyJck and @Vatira5 played a 15-minute Rocket League challenge game on the digital outdoor screen using Ocean Outdoor’s DeepScreen Alive technology with 3D animations by Ocean Labs and Ocean Studio.

Spectators could live react to the screen for the first time by scanning a QR code with their mobile phones to select an emoji reaction which appeared on the big screen.

The 3D creative was underpinned by Ocean’s first ever live-rendered DeepScreen scene which integrated hardware and software from the Unreal gaming engine.

Melanie Blood, head of project management Ocean Labs, said this live rendering meant Ocean can “take livestreaming to a new dimension” by allowing audiences to interact live even more than before.

Gus Grimaldi, head of product, Europe, Samsung Electronics, said: “We are pushing the boundaries to create engaging customer experiences, showcasing our Gaming Hub capabilities in an incredible 3D display on London’s Piccadilly screen. We want to encourage people to enjoy and embrace gaming, whether you’re a novice or pro-level – gaming is for everyone. Our Gaming Hub provides thousands of games at your fingertips, and we’re delighted to bring this to life on such an iconic London landmark.”

The game was produced by CYLNDR and created in partnership with agency Cheil.

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