Retail media could be ‘the third wave of digital’

Retail media could be ‘the third wave of digital’
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The waves of digital started with search with Google, then social with Meta and now commerce media is “a new wave”, says Brian Gleason, chief revenue officer at Criteo.

Gleason described retail or commerce media as “the intersection” of inventing a new category, performance marketing, the point of discovery and interacting with customers.

“With $6bn at play [in the UK retail market alone] it’s certainly a market I think every retailer, regardless of size, is thinking about,” he asserted in a video interview with The Media Leader.

Additionally, for agencies building out their retail media practices, in 2021 the average media plan had around four retail networks on it, but this year it will expand to eight, Gleason predicts.

Criteo launched Deliveroo’s ad network earlier this year, and is also involved with Asda, Carrefour and other retailers in the space.

Morrisons was the latest supermarket in the UK to launch a retail media network, after Asda, Tesco, and Sainsbury’s, as well as retailer Boots.

Gleason speaks to The Media Leader reporter Ella Sagar.

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