Reddit launches ‘wizard-style experience’ in Ads Manager

Reddit launches ‘wizard-style experience’ in Ads Manager
In brief

Reddit has made numerous updates to its Ads Manager with the goal of improving how advertisers get started with, manage, and get the most of out their campaigns on the platform.

In support of Reddit Ads Manager’s onboarding experience, the company has added a Live Chat feature to provide support and guidance to new advertisers as they set up their campaigns. It has also created a Reddit Pixel Helper, a “wizard-style experience” in the ads dashboard that streamlines the Reddit Pixel setup process. Reddit Pixel enables campaign measurement, optimization, and targeting options for marketers.

Reddit is further offering an Advertising Credit to lure marketers to the platform and incentivize starting and testing. Advertisers who take advantage of the credit will have it applied directly to their billing page.

In addition, Reddit has added several new features that support the launch and management of campaigns. They include:

  • Expanded community targeting, with over 1,000 new targetable communities;
  • A new Audience Manager tool to enable advertisers to create, edit, delete, and reuse audiences across their Reddit ad account;
  • A Post Library to allow advertisers to create, view, and manage their promoted posts in one place;
  • An Edit Ads feature, allowing for updates to creative on an existing ad in real time;
  • Forecasted Auction Results, with impression, click, and audience size estimates for an advertiser’s ad group.
  • UI updates, including updated navigation, a revamped sign-up page, and updated metrics modal that separates events and metrics.

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