Podcast: Why 2023 will be 'the year of the public screen' — with JCDecaux UK co-CEO Dallas Wiles

Podcast: Why 2023 will be ‘the year of the public screen’
JCDecaux: upfronts in October promoted 2023 as 'the year of the public screen'
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JCDecaux’s co-CEO in the UK, Dallas Wiles, tells Omar Oakes why the outdoor media company thinks 2023 will the year of the public screen.

Wiles reveals why, contrary to what many predicted, people have not fled cities during the pandemic and we have already arrived at “the new normal”.

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The Media Leader Podcast launched in October and has featured interviews with ITV’s CEO, BARB, champion footballer Jill Scott, TikTok, Future, and some of our leading columnists. Check out previous episodes here.

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