Podcast: What is the biggest issue facing the media industry? with Nick Manning

Podcast: What is the biggest issue facing the media industry? with Nick Manning

Over the past year, The Media Leader has championed three key issues facing the media industry: declining trust in media, sustainability, and the talent crisis.

Those issues have frequently been discussed in this podcast and our coverage this year. At last October’s The Future of Media conference, we held a debate on what we should champion and those were the topics chosen by the audience.

And in just a few days at The Future of Media this year, we’ll again be holding a debate to see what one issue we will champion through till next year.

To preview this year’s conference, columnist Nick Manning joins Jack Benjamin and editor-in-chief Omar Oakes to unpack the key issues facing the media industry.

The trio discuss whether progress has been made in the past year on trust, sustainability, and talent, and Manning makes his case for why he believes effectiveness is at the core of all issues facing media.

“I have a long-held belief that the only solution to the lack of trust in the media ecosystem from a client point of view is in proper effectiveness measurement; that requires absolute transparency,” he said.

The group also takes a look at the latest drama at GB News, the forthcoming Telegraph sale, and what now for ads on Netflix with the exit of commercial boss Jeremi Gorman.

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