Podcast: What happened at ITV Palooza and ‘the moment’ for media planners

Podcast: What happened at ITV Palooza and ‘the moment’ for media planners
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Host Ella Sagar is joined by editor-in-chief Omar Oakes and columnist Nick Manning to discuss takeaways and announcements from the ITV Palooza, the UK’s biggest commercial broadcaster’s annual upfront.

The trio also talks about Manning’s latest column about impact and effectiveness, and how a brand can grow through mass reach and a targeted approach.

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The proliferating media choices and options within channels because of technology led Manning to say: “If I were a media planner right now, I would be thinking this is my moment.

“I have all these channels available to me, within each channel there is a range of things that I can do and I would be thinking my job is to not just choose channels, the combination of them not just individually, but within each channel what is the best use of that particular channel.”

“It is curious in a way that you have all this wonderful choice and the media agencies have got the ability now to make those choices. It’s hard for them, and it’s getting harder all the time, but in some ways this should be the media planner’s dream.”

The panel also cover the significant media and advertising stories of the week including:

  • OpenAI’s CEO leaving and coming back again
  • The Telegraph sale being put on hold
  • Nick Baughan’s new job and Meta’s change in fortunes
  • Major advertisers leaving X — so they hadn’t all fled when Elon Musk took over?
  • Whether Nigel Farage is worth a reported £1.5m for ITV’s I’m A Celebrity…
  • and Amazon’s retail media deals with social media platforms.

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