What changes to YouTube trends say about media culture - with Kevin Allocca

Podcast: What changes to YouTube trends say about media culture
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Ahead of the online video giant’s YouTube Festival event to woo UK advertisers this week, YouTube’s global director of Culture & Trends Kevin Allocca tells editor-in-chief Omar Oakes why being ‘viral’ is less important today, and how the rise of TikTok and changing attitudes to online video have impacted YouTube’s strategy.

Allocca and Oakes also discuss why YouTube’s research claims more than half of YouTube viewers are happy to watch ads attached to content of favourite creators in order to support them, and why 42% of viewers in the UK say that YouTube enables them to find the exact content they like at any moment.

In his role at YouTube, Allocca tracks popular video phenomena and manages trending content initiatives. He is also the author of Videocracy, an exploration of YouTube’s most interesting trends and the impact of video in our culture.

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