Podcast: The ‘say-do’ gap in media agencies, hybrid working, and TV’s tough summer

Podcast: The ‘say-do’ gap in media agencies, hybrid working, and TV’s tough summer

Host Jack Benjamin is joined by editor-in-chief Omar Oakes and columnist Nicola Kemp to discuss NABS’ All Ears consultation results, hybrid working pressures, and the latest AA/WARC figures, which found that TV experienced a sharp summer decline.

The trio also digs into the latest earnings results for Meta and Amazon, and gives one word for what they think about Boris Johnson’s new gig as a presenter for GB News.

“There is a really big ‘say-do gap, particularly in media,” warns Kemp. “It’s really important that we have leaders sharing thought leadership articles on mental health… but is it having an impact on the lived experiences of employees? This All Ears research suggests that no, it isn’t.

“Addressing that say-do gap is so vital, because otherwise, leaders look not just out of touch, but they’re in danger of gaslighting their own employees with their words.”

Read Kemp’s latest column: “Don’t blame women for working flexibly”

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Show highlights:

1:49: Mental health in the workplace, the say-do gap.

4:23: Hybrid work and its impact on mental health.

9:38: Hybrid work model’s impact on mental health and communication.

15:05: Workplace flexibility and gender equality.

19:39: Why the UK TV advertising market has had a tough summer + Paramount’s decision to scrap My5 as a separate BVOD service

30:04: Rugby World Cup: why is sports broadcasting not innovating?

35:15: Quick-fire round: Meta, Amazon and retail media, Boris Johnson on GB News.

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