Podcast: The future of TV is… anxious?

Podcast: The future of TV is… anxious?

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At The Future of TV Advertising Global event this week in London, there was an air of anxiety over the future of TV and whether the medium can stave off threats from Big Tech to reduce its prominence on media plans.

Editor-in-chief Omar Oakes breaks down takeaways from the event alongside reporters Ella Sagar and Jack Benjamin.

The trio discuss the challenges facing the TV ad market, how Netflix and Disney+ have faired in their first year after instituting ad tiers, and why broadcasters are making a stronger effort to sell themselves to advertisers.

Oakes also asks Sagar and Benjamin about some of the industry’s biggest stories this week, including:

>> X losing over a million UK users in under six months;

>> Major job cuts at Spotify;

>> Out-of-home spend levels returning to pre-pandemic levels;

>> And the latest flurry of global adspend reports.

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Show highlights

1:05: Anxiety around proving TV’s worth

3:00: Key talks: ITV CEO Carolyn McCall, analyst Ian Whitaker, Disney ads chief Rita Ferro, Netflix VP of ads Peter Naylor.

21:35: The most interesting things Jack and Ella heard at the conference

28:53: Peter Field’s barnstorming talk on why TV investment should not just continue, but increase

34:47: Why X has lost so many UK users

36:13: Job cuts at Spotify

37:56: ITV restructuring its audience analytics and data science team

39:07: Comparing GroupM, IPG and Dentsu global adspend reports

41:55: Out-of-home is back to pre-pandemic revenues

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