Podcast: The Future of Media/Gaming takeaways, Israel-Hamas war misinformation

Podcast: The Future of Media/Gaming takeaways, Israel-Hamas war misinformation
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Host Jack Benjamin is joined by reporter Ella Sagar and editor-in-chief Omar Oakes to unpack the key takeaways from last week’s The Future of Media and The Future of Gaming events in London.

The trio also discuss how the Israel-Hamas war has caused trouble for social media companies and the BBC alike.

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1:58: Key takeaways from The Future of Media – how can we measure the full “impact” of media?

Omar: “We can talk about how we measure ‘impact’ better, but we can’t even get our act together in this industry in terms of defining common standards for measuring online media audiences; we don’t have any joint industry currencies for online media, [b]ecause that forces you to make choices about what we measure and what we shouldn’t measure.”

5:15: Retail media: so much discussion but was it all “hot air”?

Ella: “Not every retailer can do media […] it’s not just about the data, but it’s also about the demand from other third-party advertisers who advertise on on your network.”

12:25: The Future of Gaming: key takeaways

24:41: BBC impartiality in Israel-Palestine coverage

Jack: “To be fair to the BBC, they’ve done some amazing reporting out there […] but the words that you use matter, and I think that’s why people get really so passionate about it. If you call someone a militant, okay, maybe you’re trying not to take sides. But that just might not be accurate. It comes back to a trust in news issue: when does trying to be impartial actually lead you to being untrustworthy?”

34:53: Misinformation and propaganda on social media

46:05: WPP merges ad agencies VMLY&R and Wunderman Thompson — do agency brands still matter? Plus: Netflix’s expansion into brick-and-mortar retail and live sports; TikTok moving into out-of-home and cinema; and The Guardian‘s new advertising agency council.

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