Podcast: The dangers of AI for news, holiday season ads, and event cinema

Podcast: The dangers of AI for news, holiday season ads, and event cinema
The Media Leader Podcast

Host Jack Benjamin is joined by reporter Ella Sagar and Outvertising and Purpose Union’s Cass Naylor to discuss fears of AI’s ability to spread disinformation, Journalism Matters week takeaways, and the strength of the ad market as we approach the holiday season.

The trio also digs into whether recent box office figures are sustainable, the IAB’s first ever brand-building campaign, and whether CEOs are entering their ‘supervillain era’ in mandating returns to the office.

Commenting on takeaways from last week’s AI summit, Naylor said, “The most important things that came out of Bletchley were A) an identification of the problem and a mutual agreement of what the problem is among the people that matter — America, China, and the EU — all of whom are taking different speeds in their approach to this; and B) proposals for the industry to institute various forms of self-regulation, which I think is the only way we’re going to keep ahead of this.”

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Show highlights:

1:30: The risk of AI-generated misinformation

8:31: The dangers and possibilities of tailored GPTs

15:13: Big Tech’s ‘existential threat’ to news publishers

17:45: The strength of the ad market heading into Christmas season

20:44: Growth of the holiday season and favourite Christmas ads

28:59: Rapid fire questions

29:33: IAB’s “chief digital cheerleader” brand-building campaign

31:17: Is the UK’s recent box office success sustainable post-Barbenheimer?

34:51: Clear Channel’s earnings and upfronts

36:15: Support for the media in the king’s speech

39:05: Return-to-office mandates – are CEOs entering a supervillain era?

41:54: Why is Cass passionate about media?

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