Podcast: Telegraph bidders, commercial radio’s 50th anniversary, Brainlabs’ ambition, and what’s on at FoM

Podcast: Telegraph bidders, commercial radio’s 50th anniversary, Brainlabs’ ambition, and what’s on at FoM

Editor-in-chief Omar Oakes and reporters Jack Benjamin and Ella Sagar preview the Future of Media in London on 11-12 October. The trio look ahead to the big event and discuss some of the biggest stories from around the industry.

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The key players in The Telegraph sale: Jack lists who has thrown their hat in the ring for The Telegraph, and why Sir Paul Marshall in particular may have a tough time juggling a bid while fending off Ofcom investigations at GB News.

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SEC’s crackdown on Clear Channel: Ella talks about the recent charges filed by the US Securities Exchange Commission against outdoor company Clear Channel, why they occurred and what it means for the company.

Commercial radio’s big anniversary: A series of interviews written by Ella take a look at the state of the commercial radio industry and how far it’s come since the very first broadcast in 1973. She discusses some key takeaways from her discussions with News UK and Global.

Brainlabs taking on the world: Jack, who interviewed Brainlabs’s global CEO Daniel Gilbert, talks about his vision for the future of the agency following a major new investment from Falfurrias Capital Partners.

Plus: The trio talk about what they’re most looking forward to at The Future of Media and The Future of Gaming next week, and reveal why they’re so passionate about media.

Omar’s column: Why passion is the best litmus test

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