Podcast Special: The Future of Marketing with Bloomberg Media — Ep4: The magic of video

Podcast Special: The Future of Marketing with Bloomberg Media — Ep4: The magic of video
Special partner series: The Media Leader Podcast with Bloomberg Media

Welcome to this special four-part series of the podcast, which The Media Leader has produced with Bloomberg Media.

The Future of Marketing is a series of conversations about the essential strategies and skills needed for marketers and their teams to thrive in today’s complex cross-platform ecosystem. Hosted by editor-in-chief Omar Oakes, each episode this month will bring together the buy side and sell side of media to discuss the opportunities and pitfalls in 2024 and beyond.

Episode 4: The magic of video — captivating content for all seasons

Media agency Starcom’s chief strategy officer Dan Plant is joined by Bloomberg Media’s Duncan Chater and Omar Oakes to delve into how video and original programming have redefined the boundaries of brand engagement and audience resonance.

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Conversation outline

>> The state of video today as a storytelling channel with the rise of short-form content on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube

>> Stories from brands during the recent festive season

>> Original programming and documentary-style videos’ impact to reach diverse audiences

>> How marketers can use storytelling in video throughout the year, as opposed to a particular time in the calendar

>> What’s new in 2024 for working with original content creators, platforms and media owner in-house studios?

This is the last episode! Duncan and Omar wrap the conversation to summarise what advertisers and media owners should take into account when considering the future of marketing.

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