Podcast Special: The Future of Marketing with Bloomberg Media — Ep1: Multi-platform campaigns

Podcast Special: The Future of Marketing with Bloomberg Media — Ep1: Multi-platform campaigns
Special partner series: The Media Leader Podcast with Bloomberg Media

Welcome to this special four-part series of the podcast, which The Media Leader has produced with Bloomberg Media. For the first time, we’ve recorded the podcast in a studio, so you can also watch/listen on our YouTube channel.

The Future of Marketing is a series of conversations about the essential strategies and skills needed for marketers and their teams to thrive in today’s complex cross-platform ecosystem. Hosted by editor-in-chief Omar Oakes, each episode this month will bring together the buy side and sell side of media to discuss the opportunities and pitfalls in 2024 and beyond.

Episode 1: Why multi-platform campaigns offer immense potential for expanding audience reach

Steve Taylor, executive strategy director at VCCP Media, joins Bloomberg Media’s European managing director Duncan Chater to discuss why and how advertisers should make sense of the rapidly changing world of video and what marketers might be missing if they want a data-led approach to reaching new audiences.

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Conversation outline

  • Intro: how this series idea came about
  • What’s new in 2024 for marketers who want to attract new audiences through the power of video?
  • How can marketers be more strategic with the way they use data to target audiences across different channels?
  • How can you execute cross-platform campaigns well in 2024 as audiences become more fragmented?
  • What are the best ways to specifically reach new audiences?
  • What are the best tools available and what do marketers need to know about them?


Next week: ‘How to master the impact of insights and data tools’, with Havas Media’s Jackie Lyons and Bloomberg Media’s Phil Robinson.

Thanks, as always, to our production partners Trisonic for editing this episode and for producing this series, which was recorded at Create in London.

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