Podcast: Signal strength in a changing media world, with EssenceMediacom’s Richard Kirk

Podcast: Signal strength in a changing media world, with EssenceMediacom’s Richard Kirk
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The medium is the message. A well-known phrase in this industry, but how do you quantify how much that is true?

Richard Kirk, joint chief strategy officer at EssenceMediacom, sat down with Ella Sagar to unpack what this means in practice through new research into “signal strength” and why it is more “enduring” than other measures media planners use.

He said: “It’s people’s perception of the cost of the media and people’s collective experience of seeing the media being consumed and consuming the media themselves. And, for that reason, I think signal strength is very likely to be an enduring thing that does not change much. We saw [in the research] it hardly changed from 2020 to 2023.”

In the podcast, Kirk also debunked some common misconceptions, such as time spent and actual cost of media correlating with how special or trusted consumers perceive a media channel to be.

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01:04: What can we learn from God’s agency brief?

04:40: Signal strength and peacocks

08:55: Four big findings

13:09: Young people much more open to suggestion of advertising

16:39: Two key ingredients for signal strength

18:51: Communicating signal strength and outcomes to clients

20:19: How to use signal strength in planning

31:38: EssenceMediacom’s eight “out there” 2024 predictions

35:25: Why are you passionate about media?

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