Podcast: Marketers ‘relieved’ about cookie deprecation delay

Podcast: Marketers ‘relieved’ about cookie deprecation delay
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There is a rough 50/50 split between marketers who are either “relieved” Google’s cookie deprecation has been delayed again and those who are more prepared with solutions for when it does eventually happen.

This is according to Tony Miller, chair of the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), who spoke to reporter Ella Sagar about Google’s decision to push cookie deprecation down the road for a third time, as well as what current challenges DMA members are facing.

Miller felt he was in “the majority” who were not surprised about Google’s delay. He added that, among the “two camps” of marketers, one is “breathing a sigh of relief” because they need more time to get their house in order, resolve issues around testing and “ensure they are in a good place” when cookies do deprecate. The second camp are ready and “in a really good place” with “big pots of first-party data”.

Furthermore, Miller would “not be surprised” if deprecation is delayed further and the push-backs demonstrate how “hard” it is to find “a credible audience ID solution” in a post-cookie world.

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