Podcast: Is TV the base of the media plan in 2023? With Kantar’s Jane Ostler

Podcast: Is TV the base of the media plan in 2023? With Kantar’s Jane Ostler

TV has slipped out of marketers’ top-ranked media channels this year, from third most-preferred to 12th.

That is just one of the key takeaways from this year’s Media Reactions report from Kantar, launched this week.

Jane Ostler, the report’s co-author and Kantar’s executive vice president of global thought leadership, sat down with host Jack Benjamin to unpack the report’s findings.

“I think we’re now seeing the days where the fragmentation that we’ve spoken about for the last 10 years in media means that TV is not necessarily always considered to be the base of the media plan anymore,” said Ostler.

The pair discussed how consumers and marketers diverge in preferences for media channels and brands, with consumers this year showing strong preferences for in-person ad experiences, be it through sponsored events, out-of-home, cinema, or point-of-sale.

They also spoke about why marketers appear to be turning toward short- and long-form online video as their most-preferred medium, and the importance of attention in reaching consumers.

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