Podcast: How to manage ‘toxic stress storm’ – with guest Nicola Kemp

Podcast: How to manage ‘toxic stress storm’ – with guest Nicola Kemp
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Media industry professionals have been in something of a crisis.

Declining mental health, uncertainty over hybrid work policies, slow-moving DE&I policies, and still-large disparities between men and women in career progression and pay. These issues are not necessarily unique to media, and there have been improvements made over time in many areas, but there is doubtless more our industry could be doing to improve the lives of its workers.

So, how should we unpack all of these challenges? Columnist and Creativebrief editorial director Nicola Kemp returns to the podcast to discuss, alongside reporters Jack Benjamin and Ella Sagar.

“The Covid pandemic has created a toxic storm of stress,” says Kemp. “And I think that is really having a huge impact on the workplace right now. We might have stopped writing those headlines on the Great Resignation and moved on to the Great Regret, but the reality is a lot of people are still planning to leave the roles they’re in in the next 12 months.”

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Nicola Kemp: Why are women in the media still leaving jobs they love?

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