How should media move faster on sustainability?

Podcast: how should media move faster on sustainability?
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This summer, climate change-caused unseasonal weather events continued to devastate huge areas of the world, and yet, earlier this month the UK government diluted its 2030 net zero commitments. As the climate crisis gets worse, it is more important than ever to ask what a sustainable media and advertising ecosystem looks like.

Anne Coghlan, the chief operating officer and co-founder of carbon emissions data specialist Scope3, and Hannah Mirza, the founder of The Responsible Marketing Agency, join host Ella Sagar to unpack the state of sustainability efforts, media’s immediate climate goals, and the ethics of advertising for fossil fuel companies.

“Purely looking at the supply chain of the execution of advertising, I think there’s more opportunity to get to net zero faster,” said Mirza. “I’d love to see that.”

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