Podcast: How media should support women managing their work-life ‘blend’

Podcast: How media should support women managing their work-life ‘blend’

Why are women in media leaving the jobs they love?

That is one of the questions The Media Leader has tried to tackle this year as part of our mission to promote talent in media and advertising. Issues raised this year, in our op-eds and analysis, include concerns about better flexible working, accommodating women going through menopause, and how to stop women bearing the brunt of the industry’s ‘missing middle’ phenomenon.

As summer comes to a close and it’s back to school or work for most this month, it’s a good time to reflect on the many within the media industry who balance various responsibilities as well as their work. Ella Sagar sits down with two leading women who have worked agency-side and media owner-side to discuss the unique experiences and challenges faced by women in their media careers, and how the industry can and should do more to make the workplace more equitable.

Tobi Asare is managing partner and director of growth at OMD UK, and author of The Blend: How to Successfully Manage a Career and a Family.

Stefanie Daniels is founder of Life Begins at Menopause, a 20-year media careerist, and a Media Leader columnist.

“If you don’t buy in to supporting women at various different life stages, then I think you are missing a trick,” commented Asare.

On the topic of the menopause, Daniels added, “For the sake of my mum, for my grandma, for my daughter, the buck stops here. We are going to change this narrative and we are going to empower these women so they absolutely can, one by one, take back control of this life stage.”

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