Can AI offer benefits to user privacy? With Teads co-CEO Jeremy Arditi

Podcast: Can AI offer benefits to user privacy?
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Digital ad platform Teads has in recent years expanded its footprint beyond its digital display roots into connected TV. And, like many digital players, it is looking to leverage AI and machine-learning tools to the benefit of clients.

Teads co-CEO Jeremy Arditi caught up with host Jack Benjamin to talk about how AI is powering creative solutions while being capable of respecting user privacy.

Speaking from Advertising Week New York, Arditi explained: “It might feel like, to a user, that they’re seeing ads that are much more personalised, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the machine needs to know a whole lot of specific attributes, and private attributes, of that user.”

Arditi also discussed how moving into CTV has been “organic and natural” for Teads, despite some challenges.

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Teads’ co-CEO wants clients to leverage AI for greater personalisation

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