Broadcast's 'TikTok problem' and Bauer's Brucey bonus

Podcast: Broadcast’s ‘TikTok problem’ and Bauer’s Brucey bonus
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Omar Oakes and Ella Sagar prove their dedication to B2B podcasting by missing the England v Nigeria World Cup penalty shootout to record this episode with their analysis on the industry’s biggest stories.

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Ofcom’s Media Nations Report: is broadcast media suffering from ‘fragmentation’ or does it really have a deeper cultural problem with more consumers preferring short-form content? Spoiler for Omar’s opinion, which features in his column today.

Rajar: did the BBC score an own goal by letting Ken Bruce walk away with Popmaster? The Rajar radio audience figures once again provided a plethora of interesting audio stories… but why is commercial radio gaining share over the BBC and do we need to play closer attention to talk radio and the rise of GB News/TalkTV?

Plus: Omar and Ella reflect on Sky Media trialling ITV’s self-serve ad platform, why so few people in the US are taking up ads on Netflix and Disney+, and why Omnicom is giving media owners and advertisers marks out of 100 for how sustainable they are.

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