Podcast: Attention measurement is ‘once-in-a-lifetime chance to make a killing’

Podcast: Attention measurement is ‘once-in-a-lifetime chance to make a killing’
Podcast: Nelson-Field and Follett
The Media Leader Podcast

Attention measurement is of the core topics at the heart of media and advertising in recent years, but it’s opened a can of worms.

Established measurement tools are now being asked questions like “are people even paying attention to the ads they are being served?” This is a challenge for an industry in which return on investment is demanded but often difficult to easily demonstrate.

Two titans of the attention economy joined reporter Jack Benjamin for a discussion on the positives, pitfalls, and recent developments within the evolving attention economy.

Mike Follett, managing director of Lumen Research and a columnist for The Media Leader, discussed attention arbitrage opportunities, saying: “companies and especially the media agencies that understand the reality of attention have a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a killing. If you know where the good stuff is, and you know where the dross is, you can invest in the good stuff and potentially pay what the rest of the market thinks is over the odds, but still get these attention bargains right now.”

Meanwhile, founder and CEO of Amplified Intelligence Karen Nelson-Field spoke on best practices for optimising toward attention, saying: “You don’t need necessarily as much [attention] as you think. And when you understand how much you need, you can actually give back to humans and not take as much of their time.”

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