PINF and NewsNow partner to support local news

PINF and NewsNow partner to support local news

The Public Interest News Foundation (PINF) has partnered with NewsNow to help usher in “a new era” of local news.

As many local papers have had to close, consolidate or cut back services, PINF and NewsNow, the independent news discovery platform, are setting up a pilot community project in six locations across the UK.

Communities in the six locations will produce “Local News Plans” for their area detailing the vision for the future of public interest news, along with commitments from local politicians, business leaders, civil society organisations, funders and members of the community with relevant lived experience.

Local “stewards” will also be involved in the planning process, identifying and inviting local stakeholders to “Local News Plan” workshops. Media consultant Sameer Padania will lead the project. NewsNow has provided the funding for the initiative.

The first workshop will be held in Folkestone on 29 September, with others slated to take place later in the autumn in Bangor, Bristol, Glasgow, Manchester and Newry. The final plans will have their own dedicated websites and lessons from the process will be shared with policymakers and philanthropists.

The organisations expect the project to result in a template that can replicated for other communities and build support for public interest news.

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