OpenAI signs partnerships with Le Monde and El País

OpenAI signs partnerships with Le Monde and El País

OpenAI, parent of ChatGPT, has signed partnerships with French newspaper Le Monde and Spain’s Prisa Media, owner of El País.

“Our partnerships will allow ChatGPT users to access high-quality content from Le Monde and Prisa Media about recent events and this content will also contribute to the training of our models,” OpenAI said.

OpenAI has previously signed agreements with Axel Springer, which publishes Bild in Germany, and The Associated Press.

Le Monde will be able to “rely on OpenAI technologies to develop projects or functionalities using AI,” said Louis Dreyfus, chairman of the board of Le Monde, and Jérôme Fenoglio, editorial director of Le Monde.

The agreement would “protect our work and our rights” in the face of the “AI revolution”, the pair added.

Carlos Nuñez, director and CEO of Prisa Media, commented: “This is a decisive step towards the future of information, where technology and human expertise merge to enrich the reader experience.”

A version of this article first appeared on The Media Leader France

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