OOH market grew 10% in 2023 to near pre-pandemic levels

OOH market grew 10% in 2023 to near pre-pandemic levels
OOH ads from JCDecaux in 2023

Total OOH revenue in the UK last year grew 9.8% to £1.3bn, according to figures from OOH industry trade body Outsmart and PwC.

The figure amounts to 99.6% of the pre-Covid-19 market, in effect completing the return to pre-pandemic norms for an industry that was severely impacted by stay-at-home orders throughout 2020 and 2021.

OOH had a particularly strong end to the year, with £396m in revenue delivered in Q4 — an increase of 14.9% year on year and, notably, a 5.4% improvement on Q4 2019.

“The OOH industry has recovered from the pandemic,” said PwC senior manager Andy Lobo. “And in doing so, [it] is now structurally more digital, providing a platform for greater innovation as the sector moves into its next phase of growth.”

Indeed, the figures showed digital OOH (DOOH) had a double-digit year of growth at 12.4%. DOOH revenue now accounts for 65% of total OOH revenue, although classic OOH revenue also increased 5.3% year on year in 2023.

“2023 has been a strong year for OOH,” said Justin Cochrane, chair of Outsmart. “As audience fragmentation continues, OOH highlights the stability and importance of broadcast reach, creative dynamism and real-time targeting in high-footfall areas.”

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