Online Effective As Brand Building Tool

Online Effective As Brand Building Tool

Internet advertising is an effective brand building tool and advertisers should increase the amount of marketing budget dedicated to online, according to the results of a study carried out by Forrester Research on behalf of Unilever and the IAB.

The study, which analysed the combined effects of six-week TV, print and online advertising campaign for Unilever’s Dove soap, found that spending 15% of a marketing budget online increased brand impact by as much as 24%. This compares to a brand impact of 19% for a campaign with the same marketing budget, with only 2% dedicated to online media.

Rex Briggs, research consultant at Forrester, said: “The results surprised me with how much more efficient online could be when you directly compare brand effects and cost for each medium. The study is the biggest step to date towards providing guidelines on how much to spend online.”

Forrester Research: 020 7631 0202 www.forrester.com

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