One in seven brands ‘creating new budgets’ for programmatic OOH

One in seven brands ‘creating new budgets’ for programmatic OOH

UK advertisers plan to increase spend on programmatic digital out-of-home (prDOOH) by an average of 31% in the next 18 months, while 15% plan to use the media channel with newly allocated marketing budget, JCDecaux’s tech platform has found.

VIOOH, the JCDecaux-backed global digital out-of-home (DOOH) supply-side platform, released its annual State of the Nation report found 31% of UK advertisers have included prDOOH on their media plans in the past 12-18 months, and 39% are planning to increase this in the next 18 months.

One third (33%) of UK advertisers surveyed said they would reallocate budgets from other digital channels to prDOOH, while nearly a quarter (24%) are moving budgets from other traditional channels, and more than one in seven (15%) created new budgets for prDOOH.

Slightly more than seven in 10 UK respondents surveyed (71%) plan to “prioritise integrating prDOOH more closely in multichannel campaigns”, with the most popular combinations being display (79%) and digital video (72%) for performance-led campaigns, and display (77%) and social (73%) in brand-based campaigns.

More advertisers used prDOOH for performance (81%) than brand-led (71%) campaigns.

Nearly four in 10 (38%) of UK advertisers usually or always purchase their DOOH campaigns through a mix of direct and programmatic buys, whereas 30% say they usually or always use programmatic buys only.

Most respondents, 81% and 83% respectively, perceived prDOOH and DOOH as offering “the most innovative opportunities” compared to other media channels. Some reasons for this included opportunities for targeting, real-time purchase and optimisation, and dynamic and contextually relevant creative.

For this report, VIOOH partnered with research agency MTM to survey 1,200 advertisers in the UK, US, France, German, Spain and Australia about their programmatic digital out-of-home (prDOOH) spend and attitudes. The respondents had purchased prDOOH in the last 12 months, and were planning or open to purchase in the next 12 months.

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