Ocean Outdoor adds audio, smells and snow to DeepScreen Alive screens

Ocean Outdoor adds audio, smells and snow to DeepScreen Alive screens

Ocean Outdoor has launched a set of digital screens that will feature “multisensory” elements such as audio, smell, and snow to out-of-home campaigns.

The DeepScreen Alive 3D screens will include real-time data and immersive capabilities to campaigns on select full-motion displays across Ocean’s six European markets. There will be 24 locations: five in London, seven in the UK, three in the Netherlands, three in Denmark, three in Sweden and one each in Finland and Norway.

The new development offers brands four different features, labelled as Data, Play, 4D and Collect. 4D adds multisensory elements to the digital screens including audio, scent, wind jets, mist jets and snow.

Data allows advertisers use real-time 3D creation on 24 full motion displays across Europe. It also allows 3D artwork to respond to real-time contextual and environmental triggers, like sun path tracking, weather conditions, sky matching and time of day.

External data like live scores, film times, retail data, traffic speed, pollution levels, countdowns and live time can also be integrated into 3D creative.

Play allows more opportunities for contextualisation, personalisation and gamification, so audiences can connect to, customise and take control of 3D screens to win rewards and prizes.

Collect allows passersby to grab 3D objects from the screen and add them to their digital wallets without downloading an app, and brands can design NFT treasure hunts for tokens to be redeemed instore, online or in the Metaverse. This capability comes from an exclusive partnership with Web3 engagement platform, SmartMedia Technologies.

The new technology is powered by Ocean Vivus, Ocean’s proprietary hardware and software system which incorporates the Unreal gaming engine.

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