Norlys picks Media Distillery’s AI-powered EPG service to boost video UX

Norlys picks Media Distillery’s AI-powered EPG service to boost video UX

Norlys, Denmark’s largest integrated energy and telecommunications provider, has gone live with EPG Correction Distillery for its 500,000 customers.

EPG Correction Distillery, created by AI-powered video analysis provider Media Distillery, has been integrated across Norlys’ 50 most popular TV channels since Q3 2023, the company said.

The tech solution is meant to provide accurate electronic programme guide information, and users can select and enjoy programming on catch-up and replay without missing one moment of their desired content. By automatically identifying and labelling features, and inserting time markers in audiovisual media, TV service providers should be able to enhance the presentation of programmes and deliver better viewing experiences.

It aims to solve issues whereby a TV broadcaster’s linear output does not always align with EPG TV guide information. Without correction, on replay or catch-up the viewer might experience the end of the programme being cut off or see the end of the preceding show. Both situations can be jarring and reduce enjoyment.

EPG Correction Distillery is part of Media Distillery’s Time Marker Suite, which uses AI to automatically analyse broadcasts across multiple channels, in real time, and makes adjustments to ensure alignment with TV guide information.

“Providing our customers with the very best user experience is our top priority,” Jacob Vestergaard, director of TV at Norlys, said. “With the deployment of EPG Correction Distillery, we’re enhancing our streaming app Norlys Play and we are certain that our customers will acknowledge this great improvement of data.”

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