NABS launches inclusion training to ‘transform culture’

NABS launches inclusion training to ‘transform culture’

NABS has launched a practical training course in inclusive leadership to help adland “transform its culture”.

The mental health charity for the advertising industry has launched a new course called “The Inclusive Leader” which is centred on behaviour change, active ways to encourage inclusion in the industry and empowering its participants to be more aware leaders.

The course is divided in to two parts and is aimed to provide coaching tools for leaders and teams to positively change their workplaces.

It was created in direct response to NABS’ recent research, Diversity in Focus, which focussed on marginalised groups’ experiences working in advertising and media.

Sara Piddlesden-Whalley, transformation director, NABS said: “The course encourages managers to see the value of small changes in behaviour that they can build on over time. They can then use this as a blueprint for continuous learning and improvement.”

She added: “Inclusive businesses are more commercially successful. It’s business sense, as well as ethical sense, to train your teams in inclusivity.”

To book onto The Inclusive Leader email nabs.training@nabs.org.uk

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