Media leaders weigh in: what’s the biggest challenge we face in 2023?

Media leaders weigh in: what’s the biggest challenge we face in 2023?

This week at our flagship Future of Media event in London, The Media Leader will host the inaugural Media Leaders’ debates in which we ask senior leaders and rising stars to discuss which are the most pressing concerns in our industry. We will announce which issues are of highest priority and what The Media Leader will champion in 2023.

Before the debates tomorrow, we asked several leading figures for their view on what the biggest challenge will be next year and what our publication should focus on.

Speakers: Sir Martin Sorrell (Founder & exec chairman, S4 Capital); Rachel Forde (CEO UK&I, UM), Christopher Kenna (Co-founder, Brand Advance Group); Beth Freedman (CEO, Dentsu X UK); John Moore (Global CEO, Mediahub); Rob Pierre (Co-founder/CEO, Jellyfish).

Tomorrow’s debates will form the next step of our publication’s journey. If our ‘reason for being’ is to produce content about the media and hold it to account, then we want this industry’s leading figures and rising stars to help us sharpen our focus.

We have already identified the top 10 talking points for the debate based on discussions and content over the last 12 months at our various events and on The Media Leader‘s site.

These currently include:

  • Sustainability
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Talent Crisis
  • Inflation/Cost of Living
  • Media measurement
  • Effectiveness
  • Attention marketing
  • Renaissance of media planning
  • Trust in media
  • Media collaboration

Maybe we’ve nailed it and one of these 10 will form the Big Three that we champion as causes next year. Or maybe some of them are not precise enough. Or maybe we’ve missed one. We want to hear from our readers this week as we debate these issues in person.

Please take five minutes to complete this survey, as we want to make sure we are involving as many people as possible from the industry to help us identify the most important topics we should focus on next year.

Read the full agenda and find out more information about the Future of Media here. 

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