Kantar: Amazon replaces TikTok as consumers’ favorite ad environment

Kantar: Amazon replaces TikTok as consumers’ favorite ad environment

Amazon is the global media brand in which consumers enjoy advertisements the most, according to the latest Media Reactions report by Kantar.

Adverts on Amazon were cited by consumers as more relevant and useful than on other platforms, followed by TikTok, Spotify, Google, and Snapchat.

On the other hand, marketers preferred advertising on Instagram the most, followed by Google, YouTube, TikTok and Spotify. TikTok was the only brand this year to grow in preference among marketers, driven by increased trust in the platform to deliver return on investment (ROI), and belief that the short-form video platform allows for innovative advertising opportunities.

In terms of media channels, offline channels continued their dominance among consumers, with sponsored events topping the list, despite a general preference among marketers to spend in online video. Further to this, a net 61% of advertisers also stated intent to increase their spend in the metaverse in 2023, and ecommerce ads jumped into the top five media channels.

Marketers did however respond to interest in sponsored events, with the category jumping six spots in the rankings compared to last year’s Media Reactions report.

The study surveyed more than 18,000 consumers from 29 markets, covering close to 400 brands and almost 90% of global media spend. The opinions of nearly 1,000 senior marketers, including advertisers, agencies, and media companies around the world, were also included to complement the consumer data.

Kantar was interested in uncovering what it calls ‘ad equity’, or how strongly people are receptive to ads on particular channels.

In general, ad equity increased across the board, implying that consumers are more accepting of advertising in general. However, a spokesperson for Kantar warned not to “take advantage” of consumers’ increased receptiveness, as unwelcome ad volume and intrusive advertisements are also increasing concerns for consumers across many channels.

“Campaigns are seven times more impactful among a receptive audience — so it is essential to know which channels and platforms are most effective for your brand,” said global director, media at Kantar Insights, Gonca Bubani.

Marketers’ affinity for online channels appears to be trickling down to consumers, as ad equity for almost all online channels increased this year, partly driven by increased familiarity with online ad platforms, according to Kantar’s analysis.

Influencer content led the way with a six-point increase in ad equity compared to last year. It is now seen as more trustworthy, fun, entertaining, relevant and useful than it was a year ago.

Such shifts are driving further movement in budget allocation toward online content, with digital media channels dominating spend this year (light green bar), which is anticipated to continue next year (dark green bar).

“The media environment continues to evolve rapidly and, in inflationary times, marketers need to make careful choices,” warned Kantar EVP of creative and media solutions Jane Ostler.

“Marketers continue to be lured by the siren call of the new and shiny, such as embracing attention as a new metric and the metaverse as a new channel — but it is imperative to maintain a holistic understanding of ad platforms and what consumers think of them.”

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