ITVX launch week nets 66.5 million streams

ITVX launch week nets 66.5 million streams

ITV’s newly launched streaming service, ITVX, attracted 66.5 million streams in its first week (8-14 December), an increase of 138% year-on year.

Rufus Radcliffe, managing director of streaming, interactive and data revealed underlying viewing on the streaming platform was up 56% year-on-year if you took out the high-performing programmes¬†like I’m A Celebrity and the World Cup.

Over the last month, ITV has also registered its biggest ever day and week for streaming, and is on track for a “record year” in this regard.

Its biggest streaming day netted 30 million streams on 10 December, driven by its coverage of England vs France and Morocco vs Portugal in the Qatar World Cup.

ITV’s biggest week for streaming fell before ITVX’s full launch, on 22-28 November with 106.4 million streams, coinciding with the last week of I’m A Celebrity and 16 World Cup matches.

ITV also recorded two million more registered users signing up to the service since its initial rollout in November.

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