ITV ringfences £500k fund for travel brands

ITV ringfences £500k fund for travel brands
In brief

ITV has launched a Backing Business Fund with Travel Weekly to “supercharge” growth for the travel industry.

Travel brands that are new or lapsed on TV can access an exclusive fund of £500,000 on a first-come first-served basis as long as they meet specific criteria. The fund will run between September 2022 until end of June 2023 unless it is used up by an earlier date.

The Backing Business Fund is also based on research revealing changing consumer attitudes to travel and opportunities for advertisers.

The research from ITV, Travel Weekly, System 1 and Researchbods focussed on creating value for consumers in a cost of living crisis, communicating sustainability to mainstream audiences and how a lack of “distinctiveness” could stop travel brands communicating effectively.

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