ITV and ViewersLogic reveal ‘substantial’ short and long-term uplifts from sponsorship deals

ITV and ViewersLogic reveal ‘substantial’ short and long-term uplifts from sponsorship deals
The Masked Singer on ITV which was sponsored by On the Beach. Credit ITV.

On the Beach and KFC’s sponsorships of ITV programmes resulted in the most positive effects when combined with regular TV spot advertising.

The impact of the brands’ sponsorships and TV spots were examined across all platforms and devices using ViewersLogic’s single-source data capabilities which could track metrics like website visits, app downloads, in-store footfall and online sales before and after a viewer’s exposure to a spot or sponsorship.

Sameer Modha, commercial measurement innovation lead at ITV said: “The challenge for sponsorship as part of a multi-channel campaign is to isolate its effectiveness from other activity and understand its direct impact on sales and other business metrics.”

Short-term uplifts in website visits were calculated for On the Beach from its sponsorship of The Masked Singer on its own, and combined with its regular TV spots on ITV programming.

The research found the sponsorship exercised a “substantial uplift” in response rates on direct and indirect web traffic, and uncovered “a multiplier effect” for people that saw both the TV spot and sponsorship.

For example, there was a 78% increase in response rates for viewers that had seen both the sponsorship and the TV spots, compared to those that had only seen the TV spots.

For those that had been exposed to the sponsorship, their TV spot response rate increased by 10%. This ad response rate rose by 13% if they had seen both the spot and the sponsorship.

Response rates to On the Beach TV spots also fell by 3% during the sponsorship period among those that did not watch The Masked Singer.

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KFC sponsored ITV’s World Cup coverage and saw a corresponding increase in usage of its delivery app.

Its share of app usage was 41% higher among those that were exposed to one hour of the coverage between September and October 2022, and January and June 2023.

When it came to responses to KFC’s regular TV spots, World Cup viewers were found to “remain more responsive” than non-viewers over a nine-month period up to May 2023.

The difference in app usage between those that watched the tournament and those that didn’t diverged more over time as non-viewers’ usage of the KFC app gradually dropped.

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