Podcast: Is the metaverse 'dead in the water'? With gaming expert Shay Thompson

Is the metaverse ‘dead in the water’?

Is the metaverse dead? Was it ever alive to begin with?

At last month’s Future of Gaming event in London, host Jack Benjamin took the stage alongside Shay Thompson to chat about her views on the gaming market.

Thompson is a presenter and broadcaster covering gaming, and among the most respected journalists in the UK on the subject. She has collaborated with the likes of Bafta, McLaren, Xbox, Activision, and Ubisoft, and she currently appears on the BBC Sounds podcast Press X to Continue.

In the fireside chat, the pair ran the gamut of gaming topics, talking about everything from this year’s biggest releases and how The New York Times has become a major gaming company to why Shay thinks the metaverse is “dead in the water”.

A full write-up of the debate over the metaverse that occurred at The Future of Gaming can be read here.

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