Ipsos global measurement chief’s exit triggers restructure

Ipsos global measurement chief’s exit triggers restructure
Liz Landy: leaving as global head of audience measurement at Ipsos.

Liz Landy, Ipsos’ global head of audience measurement, will leave the company at the end of February, The Media Leader has learned.

Going forward, Ipsos will split the role into global and UK responsibilities and has appointed Daniel Wong-Chi-Man as new head of Ipsos’ audience measurement service line globally and James Oates as head of its audience measurement and media cluster in the UK.

Ipsos confirmed Landy’s departure to The Media Leader.

Landy started her career at the BBC in a variety of research positions, before joining Ipsos in 1994, where she was responsible for all TV and radio projects.

She became director of Ipsos Media in 1997 and then managing director and a member of the board in 2001.

Landy later became managing director of Ipsos MediaCT, which was launched in 2007 to combine traditional media, content and technology together to address convergence in the marketplace. In 2015, she became Ipsos UK CEO and has held the role of global head of audience measurement since 2018.

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Ben Page, Ipsos’ CEO, said of the appointments: “I am delighted to be welcoming two such strong leaders into their new roles. They will continue to drive Ipsos’ ability to marry research acumen with the latest technology and innovative new approaches in the fields of AI and data science to speed up processes and guarantee the quality and robustness of the insights we provide.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Liz Landy for her enormous contribution to Ipsos’ audience measurement business over the last 30 years and her role in turning it into the leading business that it is today.”

The headline has been amended since publication to make clear that Landy is not leaving because of the restructure.

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