Apple top of FutureBrand Index

Apple top of FutureBrand Index

Apple has topped IPG’s FutureBrand Index 2023 as “the most resilient brand” according to brand perception strength.

The FutureBrand Index is focussed on PwC’s Global Top 100 Companies by Market Capitalisation list, and calculates brand “futureproof” strength from 18 “Experience” and “Purpose” attributes like consistency, resource management, indispensability, innovation, trust and wellbeing.

The report said the future of brands “hinges” on their ability to offer “a sense of security” through essential products and services to people’s everyday lives, at a time of a “Purpose Void” when there are eroding levels of trust and rising fears of new technology.

CATL, NextEra Energy, TSMC and Samsung followed Apple at the top of the global rankings. CATL makes electronic vehicle batteries, NextEra Energy develops renewable energy solutions and TSMC produces microchips.

Trust lighthouses

“In a world where safety and security are scarce, brands must become beacons of progressive responsibility and purpose-based action. They need to act as ‘trust lighthouses’ that can ease people’s concerns and shine a light on a better future,” said FutureBrand global chief strategy officer Jon Tipple. “This is especially important as many customers, from business-to-business buyers to end consumers, want to interact with organisations that put forth products and services that can make a difference in our individual lives and the world in general.”

“If in the past the world’s top brands were those promoting well-intentioned, but softer sentiment through warm words, today we observe brands which marry corporate purpose with real, positive impact climbing up the ranking,” Tipple added.

“They deliver reliability at a time when trust is eroding in many areas of our society. With trust in government, media and other institutions declining, companies that practise what they preach have an opportunity to gain an increasingly meaningful role in people’s lives. Our survey respondents ranked the index’s top-performing companies high in areas such as having strong principles, acting ethically, having a clear sense of the future, and inspiring change for the better.”

Microsoft, Unilever, Nestlé and Amazon experienced jumps up the rankings between the ninth and 15th spot respectively. Microsoft and Tesla also entered the top-10 global list.

AI brands like Nvidia, ASML and Intel also moved further up the chart.

The FutureBrand Index surveyed more than 3,000 business professionals between 31 May and 12 June 2023 in partnership with QRi Consulting.

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