Hawk and Samba TV launch omnichannel geographic targeting solution

Hawk and Samba TV launch omnichannel geographic targeting solution

Audience data company Samba TV has partnered with “omnichannel” ads company Hawk to offer agencies and advertisers insights into geographic targeting and incremental reach across multiple media channels.

Hawk, part of media tech platform Azerion, will offer advertisers and agencies access to Samba TV’s Geo Audience data and insights on its demand-side platform across the UK, and later France and Germany.

This is powered by automatic content recognition technology which gives a privacy-compliant view of TV advertising reach at a geographic level, and a deterministic view of ad exposure at a postal district level.

Advertisers can optimise their targeting in different areas and gain incremental reach on other media channels like connected TV, audio and digital out-of-home.

Samba TV’s VP of international customer success Jay Fowdar said: “As audiences become more fragmented across screens and thereby harder to reach, it’s all the more imperative for advertisers to utilise a more precise, relevant, and scalable approach to omnichannel targeting.”

Last week, the BBC and UKTV’s media tech provider Red Bee Media announced it would extend its multi-year partnership with Samba TV.  Red Bee’s metadata will now be integrated into Samba’s suite of end-user software products, including interactive TV, research and analytics.

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