Global to launch ID solution across all devices and environments

Global to launch ID solution across all devices and environments
Streetley speaking at The Future of Audio and Entertainment
The Future of Audio and Entertainment

Global is to launch a cookie-free measurement solution that works across all devices and environments.

The news was announced at The Future of Audio and Entertainment last week. The solution, Dax ID, is based on Global’s existing digital advertising exchange, known as Dax.

Tom Streetley, commercial Dax director at Global, told delegates that this allows advertisers to do two things that “have never been possible before in the digital audio ecosystem”.

First, to measure every single device at a de-duped campaign level and to look at the role each device plays in driving performance; second is the ability to do this across every single environment.

Streetley added that Dax ID is designed to be “as actionable as possible”, with other insights including conversion and performance by audience, creative, time, day and frequency, as well as on-site engagement.

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He cited a test with an EssenceMediacom and EE campaign that was delivered across all devices and environments.

It had an average conversion rate of 1.5% across all environments, but for “the first time ever”, Global could isolate which environment was contributing most to this conversion rate.

Dax ID revealed that advertising through Dax Gaming had a 50% higher conversion rate than the rest of the campaign, meaning this could then be optimised going forward.

How does it compare?

Dr Aggelos Oikonomopoulos, director of decision sciences, technology and digital at Global, highlighted the pitfalls of other attribution tools such as listener ID and one that is based on internet protocol (IP).

Listener ID is not “future-proof” as it is not independent of cookies, does not run across all environments and devices, and has decreasing scale of exposed impressions as well as question marks over its accuracy.

Meanwhile, although IP-based attribution is cookie-free, works across all environments and devices and has growing attribution scale, it has decreasing attribution accuracy.

Dax ID, on the other hand, is free of cookies, works across all environments and devices, while it also has growing attribution scale and accuracy.

Robust tool

Oikonomopoulos said this solution was “a future-proof tool that is scalable and robust” and that is also not dependent on a deterministic approach.

He added: “Years ago, we did launch Listener ID — market-leading at the time, but now it’s not fit for purpose. It’s based on cookies, cannot serve all environments nor all devices and its scale is going down by the day and is going to get worse.”

However, since the new Dax ID combines non-personal and cookie-independent identifiers like IP address and user agent to get a proxy for a listener, as well as exposed and non-exposed Dax advertising impressions, it provides more scale, accuracy and insight than an IP-based solution.

Streetley concluded: “We knew the market needed to change. It was very clear last year and the market has changed and measurement needs to change with it.

“We can now measure all environments and all devices de-duped and in isolation, and that was really what people were asking for and is now something we feel we can help the industry deliver.”

Dax ID will officially launch on 30 April at an event marking Dax’s 10-year anniversary.

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