Five signs a company is genuinely committed to diversity & inclusion

Five signs a company is genuinely committed to diversity & inclusion
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Employers talk a lot about diversity and inclusion. But how do you know if companies truly value and prioritise DEI?


Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) has been a hot topic among business leaders for years, with recent legislation such as gender pay gap publishing and women on boards helping to steer companies in the right direction.

The positive impact of diversity and inclusion on everything from employee morale to innovation is pushing employers to become more transparent about their stance as well as their hiring practices, to ensure a better workplace and society.

Tapping into the millennial cohort — almost 75% of the workforce — requires organisations to be ready with strong DEI in the workplace. According to a 2021 Glassdoor survey, “67% of job seekers consider workplace diversity an important factor when considering employment opportunities, and more than 50% of current employees want their workplace to do more to increase diversity.”

It doesn’t stop at hiring and recruitment. Investing in DEI initiatives can also help businesses to grow and innovate, attract new customers and clients, and enhance the employer’s brand and reputation.

Widespread adoption of DEI initiatives also has the potential to boost a company’s productivity. Most studies surrounding diversity in the workplace have found that for every 1% increase in gender diversity, company revenue increases by 3%. Higher levels of ethnic diversity increase revenue by a whopping 15%.

Employers talk a lot about diversity and inclusion. But how do you know if companies truly value and prioritise DEI?

1. Take a close look at job ads

Look for job posts that use gender-neutral and inclusive language, focusing more on the expectations for the role instead of a long list of requirements, and which encourage diverse candidates to apply.

Don’t just look at the job ad that you are considering applying for, take a look at a few job postings to get a genuine feel for the company culture. If a culture of inclusion in work is key for you, it’s worth checking out current open roles at Bauer Media Group from Creative Strategic Director and Lead Product Designer, to Digital Data Engineer and more.

The organisation’s mission statement, “Belonging at Bauer”, encapsulates its dual goals of being as representative as it can of the audiences it serves, and about creating a working environment where everyone feels able to bring their whole selves to work every day.

2. Deep dive into employers’ websites

What’s the tone of its DEI content? Does it have employee resource groups? Has it won any DEI awards? The website will typically also highlight inclusive benefits such as adoption assistance, or gender reaffirming surgery, as well as what annual holidays the company observes.

From the website, you can find how and in what capacity it is involved in the community and where it chooses to donate money. Looking at a company’s social media will tell you a lot about how, if at all, it responds to current events and social justice issues.

For a committed dedication to DEI, look no further than progressive companies on the Mediatel Job Board, such as Sky, which has many open positions from senior UX designers to project managers.

Sky is home to a wealth of DEI networks, including groups supporting Sky’s LGBT+ community, Women@Sky, BAME employees, disabled colleagues and parents.

The media company also runs Women in Leadership and Women in Technology and Engineering initiatives, alongside its MAMA Youth Project and Digify, the latter offering training and placements for young people from minority backgrounds. Sky UK was also recognised by Stonewall as one of the top 100 employers in 2019.

3. Check out the leadership team

This includes directors, executive-level managers, vice presidents and board members. Find out if the company has a target for women in leadership: businesses with high-level employees of all backgrounds clearly value diversity.

If you’re looking to work for a company that prioritises DEI, check out the current opportunities (manager, Content Accounting and specialist, Screening Operations) available at Netflix, which lives by its diversity of culture.

A great deal of it comes from hiring and promoting with diversity and inclusion in mind. The company reports that its employee base is about 45% White, 9% Black, 8% Hispanic, 24% Asian, and the rest is a mix of other ethnicities, with an even split between men and women. The leadership team is about 57% White, and has an even gender split.

4. Dig into employee reviews

Check out company review sites like Glassdoor, which rates aspects like benefits, CEO approval, diversity and inclusion, the interview process and competitive salary. Negative reviews can raise red flags, but be objective when you read.

Does the review sound fake, or like it comes from a disgruntled employee? Keep an eye out for small details. If reviews turned negative a year ago, why is that? Did something happen, such as a change in leadership? Did the company rebrand? Do some research to find out.

5. Identify company alignments

The people and organisations a company associates itself with can say a lot about it. Take a look at who and what it is aligning and collaborating with, and this will tell you more about the company’s purpose and values.

Which partners are listed on the website? Who does the company follow and engage with on social media? Does it have an advisory board — and are the people on this board diverse?

If you are looking to find a company that is truly committed to DEI, take the time to do the research and make sure your values align. Look for progress, not perfection. A company that is honest about where it is on the journey — and the areas in which it is working to improve — is more likely to be genuine than those that are saying otherwise.

To find a role in a company with a supportive work environment that respects your identity and your opinion, visit the Mediatel Job Board.

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