Ebiquity ‘transforms’ its media auditing with Panorama consultancy

Ebiquity ‘transforms’ its media auditing with Panorama consultancy

Ebiquity has introduced Panorama, a new consultancy framework, with an aim to “evolve” media auditing as a strategic business tool.

Billed as an “integrated advertising consultancy framework” Panorama seeks to help advertisers understand their brands’ ROI more holistically.

The independent media and marketing consultancy said Panorama wold allow advertisers to “establish the why behind the what” of ROI, according to Nick Pugh, its UK MD.

Pugh said: “It’s getting increasingly difficult for brands to achieve the key objective of any media plan, that is to deliver effective advertising to as many potential consumers as possible for the most efficient cost.

“Just some of the challenges advertisers face are the myriad of touchpoints, the fact that unique reach is harder than ever to achieve, and the proliferation of marketing metrics. Ultimately, brands are looking to balance effectiveness with cost and determine the most relevant drivers of ROI.”

As the name implies, Panorama brings together a palette of different media performance measurements into a single framework.

It includes metrics and data such as: cost and quality, attention, cross-channel unique reach, creative salience and recognition, brand health, and business outcomes.

Ebiquity notes that its model is modular and scalable across all media channels, online and off.

Initial partners in developing the framework included Lumen, AudienceProject, and System1, with early clients including DLG and Dreams.

Panorama comes as media consumption has become more fragmented, making media planning more difficult and complex for advertisers.

Last year advertisers trade body ISBA unveiled a new version of its Media Services Framework, which includes a template for contracts between advertisers and media agencies.

For example, the bigger media-buying networks may be incentivised to increase income that is not declared to their advertiser clients, such as reselling a particular form of media to its media agency.

For example, the new ISBA Framework advises advertisers to demand that “inventory media” is not permitted without prior approval and should be itemised in a report to the advertiser.

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