Ebiquity’s operating profit doubles

Ebiquity’s operating profit doubles
In brief

Ebiqiuty’s operating profit more than doubled to £5m year on year, while organic revenue increased by 7%, according to half-year 2022 financials released today.

The commercial media consultancy’s group revenue increased by 16% to £37.2m year on year, citing strong organic performances in Europe and Asia-Pacific.

The company has made two acquisitions: Media Management in the US and Mediapath in Europe.

Ebiquity makes the vast majority of its revenue from media (£32.5m, up 21% year on year), which includes helping advertiser clients to assess and optimise their media-buying.

Another £4.7m came from analytics and tech, the six-month results stated, which was down 10% year on year. The company cited revenue from the Analytics Service Line, which offers brands “advanced analytics techniques to help brands plan and optimise media, reduced by 11% “due in part to a more robust pricing policy”. 

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