Dr Martens turns to Havas amid Euro expansion

Dr Martens turns to Havas amid Euro expansion

Footwear giant Dr Martens has appointed Havas Entertainment to help it accelerate an international expansion and while using media to communicate the brand’s purpose as well as drive sales.

Havas Entertainment has been given the role of lead EMEA agency for comms strategy and media implementation across key EMEA markets including UK, France, Germany and Italy.

The Havas Media Group agency has a remit to “[build] meaningful moments in culture, combine media creativity, innovation and data to define Dr. Martens’ global comms architecture”.

The media strategy, the agency said, will build on the execution of the brand’s DOCS corporate vision to help deliver sustainable and profitable growth that drives long-term value for the brand and its customers.

Manu Meijer, head of marketing EMEA at Dr Martens, said: “Havas Entertainment demonstrated how in media we can find meaningful ways that not only shift brand metrics and sales, but drive meaningful progress and champion rebellious self-expression for our wearers – which is what Dr. Martens is all about.”

Havas Entertainment will seek to help the brand create market parity across the European continent, as Dr Martens tries to speed up its international expansion. The company has more than doubled revenue and pairs sold in the last five years and passed the £1bn revenue in the last financial year. 

Nick Wright, managing director, Havas Entertainment, added: “Our cultural-first approach puts fewer, bigger, better at the centre of the business strategy and shifting from a campaign planning to audience planning approach. Our approach starts finding the yellow thread across everything they are doing and find ways to make sure media, creativity and innovation are working hand-in-hand.”

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